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Mondays – Saturdays:

minimum of 2 participants

Sundays and public holidays:
minimum of 4 participants for Lunch class and closed in the evenings

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Terms and Conditions:

If the customer has confirmed his participation for a certain date and a change is needed, he accepts to pay the following quotes. A refund will be processed over your debit/credit card and might be a bit lower due to currency exchange fees and variable exchange rates.

Cancelling more than 45 days before the class: 95% refund, 5% to pay

Cancelling 15 – 44 days before the class: 80% refund, 20% to pay

Cancelling 3 – 14 days before the class: 50% refund, 50% to pay

Cancelling 2 days up to 24 hours before the class: 30% refund, 70% to pay

Cancelling less than 24 hours before the class: 10% refund, 90% to pay

No-show: no refund, 100% to pay

Change of the date more than 9 days before the class: free

Change of the date 3 – 8 days before the class: 10% extra

Change of the date 2 days up to 24 hours before the class: 20% extra

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